::  From Co-Founder and Managing Director’s Desk  ::  

Looking back and reflecting on the exceptional journey that our flagship college, Netaji Subhash Engineering College, has had, I can proudly say, NSEC has lived up to its name by providing world class engineers required to meet the demands of the fast-changing global village for over three decades now.

We have been consistently ranked as one of the top private engineering institutes in the country. Recent NIRF rankings and recognition have only fuelled our drive to excel further. We have always prioritized quality education and NBA and NAAC accreditation only amplify our focus.

Our vision to “strive continuously in pursuit of excellence in Education, Research and Entrepreneurship” is steadily gaining momentum even in the face of recent challenges faced by the education community.

NSEC has eventually become a Global Hub with its wide network of alumni and student base spread across the globe. Wherever our students may be placed, their contributions offer scientific and technological services to the society. Our students have always shown remarkable ingenuity in implementing technology to cater to the demands of the society. We have been successful in mentoring young minds to explore their creativity and expand their talent.

NSEC, founded on the principle of self- reliance propagated by Netaji, almost thirty years ago has come to shape the scape of the higher education and has spearheaded several economic, environmental, and technological changes.

NSEC has an effective network of Mentoring System that has proved valuable over the years in providing additional support. We provide individual guidance to students venturing into the world of engineering. Our mentoring system has been lauded for providing constant guidance, especially to students coming from underprivileged background.

The online mode of teaching- learning was not entirely unfamiliar to our students as they were already using the in-house developed Learning Management System, even prior to the pandemic. The transition, therefore, to virtual classrooms was rather smooth. The Pandemic has proven that geography is no longer a barrier and opportunities for diversified skilled professionals have grown exponentially. You can be a coder sitting in Kolkata but employed by a tech giant in Europe or America or anywhere else in the world. We did find proof of an extended world during the pandemic when our students cracked virtual placement drives with panache and landed jobs with tech giants such as Microsoft, Lenovo, Amazon and the likes. Our students are hailed as efficient professionals adding valuable contributions to the industry.

Most importantly, our students have been taught to implement their education to serve the community and society at large. The Entrepreneurship Development Cell of NSEC, students come up with innovative ideas and venture into start-ups and pursue their passion.

Having achieved several milestones, NSEC still continues to strive in pursuit of excellence.

Mr. Satyam Roy Chowdhury
Co-Founder and Managing Director
Techno India Group