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Knowledge in basic science is an essential constituent of any professional course. The Department of Basic Engineering Sciences and Humanities aims to fulfil this function most efficiently. This Department is devoted to foster the fundamental principles and understanding of sciences that is capable of enhancing the human experience. The Department since the inception of the college is pledged to provide value-based education to the budding scientists and engineers. The Department comprises of four branches of study namely Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and English. All these four disciplines are headed by a separate course co-ordinators and in charges. The department consists of Doctorates/ Research Associates, whose guidance effectively influences the fresh students to improve their careers. Well-experienced and highly qualified faculty members of the department have made consistent and strenuous efforts to improve the students learning and research & research oriented activities. The Department is actively involved in the early development of students’ personality, communication and soft skills to boost them in the modern and globally competitive environment. The department has a separate block which includes state-of-the-art laboratories and advanced department library facilities.

  • To inform and stimulate students about the fundamental aspects of science.
  • To contribute Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry and content for B-Tech and MBA Programmes.
  • Encourage the students to pursue career in science and engineering.
  • To kindle graduating engineers competence in communication and interpersonal skills.
  • To conduct seminars and workshops regularly.
  • To promote research & development activities among the faculty and students
The fully equipped language labs in the department cater not only to first year students, but also students of all streams and all years. It is used primarily to improve the Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing skills of the students,a nd secondly, for mock Group Discussions and Personal Interviews to prepare them for campus recruitment.

First year B. Tech. students are introduced to the world of Science and Engineering through programs that engage them in various activities under the effective guidance of the faculty.

Contact person:
Dr. Sabyasachi Bagchi
Associate Professor & Head
Ph.: +91-9433540220 (Whatsapp) E mail:,