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Honours: MOOCs [NPTEL/Swayam/Coursera/Edx/Udemy, Simpilearn]

GUIDELINES FOR MOOCs [Updated on 05.08.21]

Although there is no fixed basket anymore, but you may take these files (below) as a reference to choose any courses for your Honours Degree [Old MOOCs Basket for AICTE Course (Engineering)     ||     Old MOOCs Basket for Non-AICTE Course (BBA, BCA, B.Sc)]

Free courses form Coursera: Request to pspal@nsec.ac.in for Invitation email from Coursera

To Enroll a Course visitNPTEL-Swayam (https://swayam.gov.in/nc_details/NPTEL)   Search the Course from Catalog, Click on Course Title, Go to Course Page and JOIN with your Gmail ID