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PHOENIX is the official tech club of Netaji Subhash Engineering College. A club which looks into the overall development of the students of this college. It was founded by a group of like-minded people in January 2006 with the aim of inculcating values of friendship, teamwork and leadership as well as increasing the technical skills like coding and robotics of a student. PHOENIX plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between college and corporate life. A club which provides each individual a stage to shine.       (PHOENIX Website)

We all know about the majestic train PALACE ON WHEELS...But are you the one who believes in "TECHNOLOGY ON WHEELS"!!..The idea of Avenir unravels the big aspirations hidden inside a creative mind and promises the ultimate platform to showcase talent.It's a chance to present your ideas to the world.

Avenir,the Annual Tech Fest of NSEC, stands amongst the top technical fests in the city with enthusiastic participation from students of premier institutes in and around the state. The three day spectacular event yields a footfall of more than 5000 students , thus making it a perfect platform to explore the realm of technical innovation and to witness the best minds striving for excellence. The idea of Avenir unravels the big aspirations hidden inside a creative mind and promises the ultimate platform to showcase talent.       (AVENIR homepage)

Nobody and nothing can deter you from achieving the goal if you try your best. By crossing all the snag with grit and perseverance .Brain, intellect and wit are the three fundamental of a quiz warrior and to bring out these abilities from talented PHOENIX organises BRAINSTORMER an inter college/school QUIZ competition inorder to help you to chase your dreams.

Avaahan stands with the society and intends to establish a broader platform for our technology and innovations with the younger generation acting as the tower of strength.

Avaahan is an intra college tech fest Organised by PHOENIX in order to encourage our juniors and enthusiasts to help them upgrade and implement their knowledge to match with the best in future.

It's a great platform where students of NSEC can compete and learn among themselves and have a good experience to face the greater events ahead.

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