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Eco-Cultural Club


  • The Club aims to organize seminars, educational workshops and environmental safety workshops, seminars and programmes for the welfare of students. Various quiz competitions and academically beneficial competitions will be held through collaborating with different institutions which will help students gain awareness about their surroundings.
  • The Club initiates in organizing all the Cultural events and Ecological Events in an academic session, i.e. on Republic Day, Saraswati Puja, Foundation Day, Teachers Day, Tree Plantation, women’s Safety workshops etc.
  • A cultural fest involving participation of students and guest performances of artistes of repute is held every year under the supervision of this club


  • It aims to garner an all-round development amongst students not only by stimulating the best extra-curricular potentials in them, but also by building a camaraderie amongst intra and inter college departments, throughout the year.

The following events will be accompanied by us within the Eco-Cultural Club:

CULTURAL PROGRAMMES 15th August- Independence Day
5th September- Teachers' Day
Intra College Events
Workshops on particular Cultural Sub- Divisions
Seminars related to Academic and Non- Academic
Annual Day (Small event or a fun day for college students)
23rd January- College Foundation Day
26th January- Republic Day
Prelude- Freshers Welcome
Cultural Fest- Mesmerizer
Rabindra – Najrul Jayanti

ECOLOGICAL PROGRAMMES Tree Plantation Programme / Borshamongol
Yoga Camps
Self-Defence Camps
Protection of Environment

Preamble for the Club
  • The discretion of decisions belongs to the Governing body of the eco- cultural club and the Founders. If any changes, moderations, suggestions are to be made, it is necessary to consult the discretionary authorities.
  • The advisory committee will comprise of the 4th year (Final year students).
  • The Eco-Cultural core committee comprises of the teachers, governing body members and the Executive Student Committee.
  • The power to control and to change any Departmental Head of any Cultural Division in any abrupt or unforeseen case belongs to the President and his existing team along with the governing body members.
  • The Ecological Division is responsible for all the events related to Ecology i.e. Tree Plantation programs, maintaining the college environment and all the parts related thereof.
  • The PR Head and the Cultural Coordinators are responsible for any meetings and forums organised in the college premises.
  • The College Representatives have to be informed about the participations in any Event of different College Fests and of the same sort.
  • The College representatives and the cultural departmental heads will also have to be present in all the meetings held under the cultural division.
  • The Departmental Head has to coordinate their respective departments.
  • The Departmental Heads have to notify and inform the Participants of their respective departments about the ensuing events.
  • The participants have to be a part of the meetings and forums irrespective of their genre.
  • For any event of the Ecological Department, the whole club will work for it and hence draw a benchmark to make the Event successful.
  • If an individual is improper or misbehaves in any kind of event, forum or participation, he will be subjected to strict action as decided by the core committee wrt. that specific case.
  • The departmental heads should be present in their respective events as well as meetings. If they are unable to be present, College Representative should be informed beforehand.
  • Secretary and Assistant Secretary shall be responsible for Managing the Events of College Fest and Fresher’s and anything related to the cultural base of the college and will appoint volunteers with the help of Cultural Committee and the governing bodies.
  • The whole Eco-Cultural team along with all its existing members irrespective of their post has to maintain a level of decorum and decency during every cultural meet inside or outside college.
  • Any sanction of funds has to be done through the core Teachers committee.
  • No single individual will promote events or take events to his credit using any form or social media.

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