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NSEC Entrepreneurship Development Cell:

In order to nurture the idea of entrepreneurship among the students, NSEC started an entrepreneurial cell in the year 2009. The Cell aims at creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem in the campus. It aims to develop and support new and future entrepreneurs thereby striving towards building the capacity of a technology entrepreneur, assessing demand opportunity, developing a marketable product, patenting and licensing, building the right team, raising money and creating value for customer and ventures. Since its inception, the Cell has taken many initiatives for the benefit of Students and Faculty Members.

The college sets up an incubation centre that gives a forum for students to translate an idea into a fundable technology business. The cell also has an objective of equipping the faculty who are interested in and passionate about implementing programs by providing various training with the help of NEN and other networks.

NSEC Incubation Centre set up under the guideline & Supervision of Confederation of Indian Industries entered into the MOU with Electrixa Energy and Lighting Pvt. Ltd., Noida to start an incubation and Development infrastructure to motivate the students of NSEC. In this connection already a MODEL ASSEMBLY CUM TESTING UNIT on LED LIGHTING has been set up within the campus.

Inviting Idea/Proposal/Prototype/Project from Students for AICTE Chatra Viswakarma Award and Nomination for Oher Competitions

Online Selection Test for D2C Entrepreneurship Course by Wadhwani Foundation

Activities of The NSEC Entreprenurship Development Cell
Sr. No Date Activity Mode
1 25.06.20219 Entrepreneurship awareness among 1st year students. offline
2 August 2019 Introduction of D2C Entrepreneurship Course by Wadhwani Foundation offline
3 21.08.20219 Winning1st prize in 3M- CII Young Innovators Challenge Award 2019 offline
4 23.11.2019 Workshop on “Design Thinking” offline
5 1.12.2019 One Day Practice Venture Booster Workshop by Wadhani Foundation offline
6 1.12.2019 Received Rs. 2.0 Lakh Funding by the innovation “Energy saver” for achieving finalist at National Innovation Contest offline
7 21.12.2019 One Day Workshop on “Digital Insecurities in Digital World” offline
8 21.12.2019 One Day Workshop on " Framing up Institutional policies in aligning with National Innovation and Start Up Policy" by Prof. Manas Sanyal, IIEST offline
9 05.01.2020 NSEC has been recognized as HI/BI by MSME on 5.01.2020. offline
10 21.01.2020 Internal hackathon for SIH 2020 on 21.01.2020 offline
11 24.2.2020       Winner of AICTE Chatra Viswakarma Award 2020 (Rs. 51000/-) offline
12 6.04.2020 Online Webinar on Design Thinking In Entrepreneurship. Online
13 9.4.2020 Online Webinar on "Innovation and Branding – A Case study of a leading B2B Brand from TATA STEEL" Online
14 25.4.2020 Online Webinar on Build your professional branding through digital platform Online
15 29.04.2020 Online Webinar on “Building a successful Start Up, Need of Investor to grow your business” Online
16 13.05.2020 Online Webinar on “Disruption is the New Normal- Ways to Cope Post Lockdown (Keyup)” Online
17 26.6.2020 Online Webinar on “Discover your potential; Lead with strength” Online
18 27.06.2020 Online Webinar on “Cyber Security Issues during Pandemic” Online
19 28.7.2020 Online Webinar on “Technological Innovation” Online
20 28.7.2020 Online Webinar on “Go Green Initiatives and Clean-Tech for the future - An Eco- friendly Lifestyle” Online
21 31.7.2020 Online Webinar on “Go Green Initiatives and Clean-Tech for the future - An Eco- friendly Lifestyle” Online
22 2.06.2022 to 3.6.2022 Two Days Workshop on “ Identification of Electronics Components with hands-on Applications” Offline
23 28.11.2022 Workshop on “Entrepreneurship and Innovation” as Career Opportunity Offline
24 1.11.2022 My Story - Motivational Session by Successful Innovators Offline
25 23.11.2022 My Story - Motivational Session by Successful Entrepreneur/Start-up founder Offline
26 3.11.2022 to 4.11.2022 Session on Problem Solving and Ideation Workshop Offline
27 7.11.2023 Organise an Inter/Intra Institutional Idea Competition and Reward Best Ideas - Manage through YUKTI-NIR Offline
28 12.11.2022 to 13.11.2022 Mentoring Event: Demo Day/Exhibition/Poster Presentation of Ideas/PoC & linkage with Innovation Ambassadors/Experts for Mentorship Support - Manage through YUKTI-NIR Offline
29 15.10.2022 Innovation Day Celebration Offline
30 11.11.2022 National Education Day Celebration Offline
31 21.9.20222 Technical Awareness Session Offline
32 30.11.2022 Celebrating National Cyber Security Day
33 11.1.2023 Workshop on Design Thinking, Critical thinking and Innovation Design Offline
34 10.1.2023 Organise an Expert talk on Process of Innovation Development, Technology Readiness Level (TRL); Commercialisation of Lab Technologies & Tech-Transfer Offline
35 11.1.2023 Workshop on Entrepreneurship Skill, Attitude and Behaviour Development Offline
36 12.1.2023 Conduct a Session on Achieving Problem-Solution Fit and Product-Market Fit Offline
37 28.12.2022 to 29.12.2022 Field/Exposure Visit to Pre-incubation units such as Ideas Lab, Fab lab, Makers Space, Design Centres, City MSME clusters, workshops etc. Offline
38 12.1.2023 Organise an Inter/Intra Institutional Innovation Competition and Reward Best Innovations - Manage through YUKTI-NIR
39 11.1.2023 Mentoring Event: Demo Day/Exhibition/Poster Presentation of Innovations/Prototypes & linkage with Innovation Ambassadors/Experts for Mentorship Support - Manage through YUKTI-NIR Offline
40 12.1.2023 National Youth Day Online
41 29.04.2023 Alumni Entrepreneurship Motivational Speech by Mr. Rahul Chatterjee Offline
42 29.04.2023 awareness talk on "Startup Ecosystem" by Mr. Abirlal Biswas, a Startup Foundry Mentor Offline
43 17.5.2023 to 19.5.2023 Workshop on Prototype/Process Design and Development.
44 18.5.2023 Session/ Workshop on Business Model Canvas (BMC) Offline
45 22.3.2023 to 28.3.2023 Field/Exposure Visit to Incubation Unit/Patent Facilitation Centre/Technology Transfer Centre such as Atal Incubation Centre etc. Offline
46 18.5.2023 Session on “How to plan for Start-up and legal & Ethical Steps” Online
47 17.5.2023 to 18.5.2023 Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and IP management for startup Offline
48 17.5.2023 to 19.5.2023 Mentoring Event: Demo Day/Exhibition/Poster Presentation of Business Plans & linkage with Innovation Ambassadors/Experts for Mentorship Support - Manage through YUKTI-NIR Offline
49 26.4.2023  World Intellectual Property Day Offline
50 11.5.2023 National Technology Day Offline
51 31.7.2023 Session on Innovation/Prototype Validation – Converting Innovation into a Offline
52 Start-up or Session on Achieving “Value Proposition Fit” & “Business Fit” Offline
53 16.8.2023 Session on Accelerators/Incubation - Opportunities for Students & Faculties - Early Stage Entrepreneurs Offline
54 29.8.2023 Organise Session on “Lean Start-up & Minimum Viable Product/Business”- Boot Camp (or) Mentoring Session Offline
55 8.8.2023 Session on Angel Investment/VC Funding Opportunity for Early Stage Entrepreneurs. Offline
56 21.8.2023 World Entrepreneurs Day Offline
57 22.6.2023 One Day Workshop on “National Education Policy (NEP-2020) & Reforms in Technical Education Offline
58 29.8.2023 Internal Evaluation of the MSME Idea Hackathon 3.0 (Women) Offline
59 15.09.2023 CelebrationNational Engineer's Day Offline
60 15.09.2023 SIH 2023 Internal Hackathon Offline
Sl. No.
1 16.03.2019 Workshop on Hands on Circuit on 2nd March, 9th March and 16th March, 2019
2 16.03.2019 Participation at CII conference
3 23.02.2019 Participation at Scintillations 2019 at IIEST on 23rd and 24th February, 2019
4 16.02.2019 Idea2Prototype Competetion 2019
5 16.02.2019 Hult Prize On Campus Event 2019
6 06.02.2019 Prototype Exhibition 2019
7 06.02.2019 CII-NSEC Innovation Club Visit by the Delegation Team from Italy
8 26.12.2018 X-spark winner in IITF 2018 at Bengal National Chamber Commerce & Industry
9 08.12.2018 Acceptance of X-spark in IEEE Conference
10 01.12.2018 IICDC 2018 success organized by DST-TI India Innovation Chalange 2018
11 20.07.2018 DriveX by Adrish on and from August 2018
12 07.04.2018 Hult Prize National at Delhi on 7th and 8th April, 2018
13 16.03.2018 Hult Prize Regional at Kualalampur on 16th and 17th March, 2018
14 11.11.2017 Hult Prize 2018 On Campus "Hernesing the Power of Energy" at NSEC
15 21.08.2017 Induction Seminar at NSEC Campus
16 21.08.2017 TechTrends-technical pep talk at APC Hall, NSEC
17 05.05.2017 Approval for Formation of NSEC-ECELL, The Students' Body
18 Consolidated Report of the Activities from 2009 to 2016