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Netaji Subhash Engineering College, as one of the prodigal institutions of technical studies in West Bengal, harvests the fundamental facilities of student life. One of its integral components is sports activities. In NSEC we harness a Sports Committee with importance to faculty and student body members alike. Throughout the year we conduct a series of indoor and outdoor sporting events (both inter and intra scale) like football, cricket, kabaddi, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, chess and so on. We believe in the ideals of Swami Vivekananda, that a game of football is more effective than studying a scripture from a religious book. Our students practice a culture of participating in various sporting events all throughout the state, and they manifest the values they acquire from sporting activities throughout their stay in the institution and beyond.


Prof. (Dr.) Amal Kumar Ghosh

Professor (Dr.) Narayan Chandra Biswas (BES, NSEC) [9433308262/8777692833, narayan_chem71@rediffmail.com]

Mr. Surojit Chakraborty (Technical Assistant, System) [9831257662]

Professor (Dr.) Narayan Chandra Biswas (BES, NSEC):~ BASKETBALL
Mr. Surojit Chakraborty (Technical Assistant, System):~ FOOTBALL, KABADDI and TUG OF WAR
Mr. Kazi Taslim Arif (Tech. Assist., BME):~ CHESS and VOLLEYBALL
Mr. Subhrajyoti Sarkar (Assist. Prof., ME):~ CRICKET
Mr. Sumanta Dey (Tech. Assist., EE):~ CARROM and FOOTBALL
Mr. Agniva Dasgupta (Prof., CSE):~ TABLE TENNIS
Mr. Sudash Bhattacharya (ECE):~ CHESS
Mr. Shantanu Maity (ECE):~
Mrs. Debjani Nandi (Assist. Prof., BES):~ KABADDI
Ms. Arjama Kundu (Assist. Prof., BES):~ BADMINTON
Mr. Sukanta Bose (Assist. Prof., IT):~ FOOTBALL and TUG OF WAR
Mr. Santanu Maity (Tech. Assist., CE):~ BADMINTON
Mr. Angshuman Sahu (Assist. Prof., CE):~


Satyaki Dasgupta (EE, 3rd year) [8017069027, satyakid.ee2017@nsec.ac.in]

Parijat Goswami (EE, 3rd year) [9748240036, parijatgoswami2017@gmail.com]

Debjit Dey (ECE, 3rd year) [7063445244, debjitdey1501@gmail.com]



FOR SECRETARY:~ Gaurav Kumar (CE, 4th year)
CHESS:~ Parijat Goswami (EE, 3rd year)
TABLE TENNIS:~ Ayush Kumar Aadash (EE, 4th year), Rahul Kumar Verma (ECE, 4th year), Swagato Chakraborty (EE Diploma, 3rd year), Satyaki Dasgupta (EE, 3rd year)
BADMINTON:~ Swarup Gorai (EE, 4th year)
CARROM:~ Souvik Baidya (ME, 4th year)
KABADDI:~ Anirban Pal (ME, 3rd year)
CRICKET:~ Rishav Anand (CSE, 4th year), Aman Raj (CE, 4th year)
FOOTBALL:~ Pritam Ghosh (ECE, 4th year), Subhaswata Das (EE, 4th year)
VOLLEYBALL:~ Sourav Dey (CE, 3rd year)
TUG OF WAR:~ Sudip Mondal (EE, 4th year)
BASKETBALL:~ Tendulkar Pal (EE, 4th year)


CHESS:~ Parijat Goswami (EE, 3rd year) [9748240036, parijatgoswami2017@gmail.com]
TABLE TENNIS:~ Swagato Chakraborty (EE Diploma, 3rd year) [8158972727, swagato460@gmail.com]
BADMINTON:~ Taniya Das (IT, 3rd year) [8617332996, sweetytaniya07@gmail.com]
CARROM:~ Subharti Ruidas (ME, 3rd year) [8017150416, sruidas32@gmail.com]
KABADDI:~ Anirban Pal (ME, 3rd year) [6294152574, anichamp13@gmail.com]
CRICKET:~ Shahzeb Ahmad (CSE, 3rd year) [8292434273, shahzeb.e.98@gmail.com]
FOOTBALL:~ Ridhhideb Das (IT, 3rd year) [9091940852]
VOLLEYBALL:~ Sourav Dey (CE, 3rd year) [8016370084, sourav.dey.625@gmail.com]
TUG OF WAR:~ Gautam Kumar (CSE, 3rd year) [8340591376/7374818370, gautamsinghrajput123@gmail.com]
BASKETBALL:~ Tendulkar Pal (EE, 4th year) [7980621437, Tendulkar.pal78@gmail.com]


CHESS:~ Arpan Dasgupta (IT, 3rd year) | Arindam Dey (EE, 3rd year) | Ashish Anand (ECE, 3rd year) | Debannik Das (EE, 2nd year) | Abhishek Gorai (ECE, 2nd Year)
TABLE TENNIS:~ Rahul Gupta (CSE, 3rd year) | Anuska Sinha (IT, 2nd year) | Debjyoti Pramanick (EE, 2nd year) | Saswato Awon (CSE, 1st year) | Kundanika Chatterjee (CSE, 1st year)
BADMINTON:~ Ranit Sarkar (BCA, 2nd year) | Jeet Saha (EE, 2nd year) | Sandeep Kumar Mondol (ME, 1st year) | Sneha Pandit (CSE, 1st year) | Neelanjan Saha (ME, 1st year)
CARROM:~ Sourav Roy (AEIE, 4th year) | Dinanath Dutta (CE, 3rd year) | Debkanti Ghosh (CE, 3rd year) | Souvik Paul (EE Diploma, 3rd year) | Ankita Gupta (EE, 3rd year) | Sayak Bannerjee (CE, 2nd year) | Samanway Pramanik (CSE, 1st year)
KABADDI:~ Priyanka Dutta (ECE, 3rd year) | Salony Gupta (ECE, 2nd year) | Poulami Mondal (BME, 3rd year) | Vikrant Shree (ECE, 2nd year) | Subham Kumar (ECE, 2nd year) | Adrija Chakraborty (BME, 2nd year) | Sanjukta Das (CSE, 1st year)
CRICKET:~ Roshan Tiwari (CE, 3rd year) | Rahul Yadav (ME,3rd year) | Neeshit Kumar Pandey (ECE, 2nd year) | Aritra Dam (EE, 2nd year) | Akanshu Kumar Singh (IT, 1st year) | Srijan Anand (ECE, 1st year) | Sourav Kumar(CE, 2nd year)
FOOTBALL:~ Md. Waqar Hydari (AEIE, 3rd year) | Ajitesh Yadav (EE, 2nd year) | Gourab Singha Roy (CE, 3rd year) | Sourav Singha Roy (CE, 3rd year) | Anushka Guha (AEIE, 2nd year) | Suhan Roychowdhury (AEIE, 2nd year)
VOLLEYBALL:~ Kausik Sarkar (IT, 3rd year) | Gaurav Kumar (ECE, 2nd year) | Rohit Kumar Gorai (ECE, 2nd year) | Akash Sharma (EE, 2nd year) | Priya Tejaswini (CE, 3rd year)
TUG OF WAR:~ Sakshi Kumari (ECE, 2nd year) | Leela Raj (CSE, 2nd year) | Shruti Choudhury (ECE, 2nd year) | Shweta Banerjee (BME, 1st year) | Neha Ghosh (BCA, 1st year)
BASKETBALL:~ Abhishek Yadav (ME, 3rd year) | Gaurav (ME, 2nd year) | Sumit Kumar (CSE, 2nd year) | Rahul Raj (IT, 1st year)
MOBILE GAMING:~ Souvik Baidya (ME, 4th year) (Head) | Dhrubajoyti Das (BCA, 1st year) (Co-Head) | Isha Rajak (BCA, 1st year) (Head, Ludo) | Sufal Tarafder (BCA, 1st year) (Head, 8 Ball Pool) | Shouvik Datta (ME, 1st year) (Technical Team) | Tanzim Ali (CE, 3rd year) (Technical Team)


SPONSORSHIP CELL:~ Debjit Dey (ECE, 3rd year) | Upasana Roy Chowdhury (CSE, 3rd year) | Md. Waqar Hydari (AEIE, 3rd year) | Satyaki Dasgupta (EE, 3rd year)
QUICK RESPONSE TEAM:~ Satyam Sagar (ME, 3rd year) (Head) | Ravi Raj Singh (ME, 2nd year) | Manas Maity (EE, 2nd year) | Poulomi Das (ECE, 2nd year) | Tehsin Khan (EE, 2nd year) | Jaysri Dey (IT, 2nd year)
PHOTOGRAPHY UNIT:~ Shouvik Datta (ME, 1st year) (Head) | Shovit Mondal (ME, 1st year) | Souvik Banerjee (BCA, 1st year)
TECHNICAL TEAM:~ Ritesh Prasad Singh (IT, 2nd year) (Head) | Tanzim Ali (CE, 3rd year) | Shouvik Datta (ME, 1st year) | Sumit Kumar (CSE, 2nd year) | Satish Singh (IT, 2nd year)