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Achieve the objectives of the Five Laws of Library Science by Serving the Users:

  • Documents are for use.
  • Every user his/her document.
  • Every document its user.
  • Save the time of the user.
  • Library is a growing organism.


Netaji Subhash Engineering College Garia Central Library will create and sustain an information environment that supports the educational and research needs and enables learning and advancement of knowledge of NSEC community. It will strive relentlessly to enhance the quality of its services to maximize user satisfaction.


The Central Library, NSEC Garia started its journey in a small room of the Institute Old Building in the year 2000 ( February), next in the Annex Building and then finally moved to its present premises in 2004. Since then, it has grown in size and content to take the present shape. With the developments in computers, microelectronics and communication technologies, the behavioral characteristics of the information seekers have been changing rapidly and the library is trying its best to adapt with the technological advancement. For the last five decades, the library has been the lifeline of the academic activities of the Institute.

The Library is well equipped with modern facilities and resources in the forms of online databases, books, journals, reports, etc. The Library has been using the LIBSYS, an integrated library management software package, with all the modules for automated library operations.

The Central Library NSEC Garia has two main divisions. One is for the collection of books and the other is meant for Reading Room collections and the periodicals ( current).The following Sections and their locations within the Library are given below:

Library Rules

  1. Before entering the Library, you must deposit all your belongings at the property counter and sign in the Library register.
  2. Upon entering the Reading Room, sign in the visitor register and specify the items you will access (Study books/Study print journals/study e-journals/reading newspapers/study e-books, etc.).
  3. Only registered members can borrow General and Text Books, except those marked for 'Reserve and Reference'. Ten books can be borrowed for 30 days.
  4. Book renewal: Users can renew their books online using the following link: “
    • Step 1: Log in to "My Account" (ex. ID no. 2310903104)
    • Step 2: Go to "My Profile"
    • Step 3: Select item/Select all
    • Step 4: Renew selected items (Applicable before the due date, up to two times).
  5. A borrowed book should be returned or reissued within 30 days. Otherwise, a fine of one rupee per day per book will be collected from the users as overdue charges.
  6. Duplicate Library Card: A duplicate Library Card may be issued upon application, along with a recent stamp-sized photograph and a fee of Rs. 50/-.
  7. Lost Library Book: If a user loses a library book, they must replace it with a new book(Current edition). If the book is unavailable in the market, the user must pay the current price of the book. If the cost of the book is less than Rs. 300/-, the user must pay Rs. 300/-.

Book Issue Related Rules

  1. Users must check the Accession Number of the issued book with the printed slip before leaving the circulation counter to avoid any confusion.
  2. Library Membership Identity card is not transferable.
  3. Users should check the physical condition of the book while issuing it.
  4. Misusing/mutilating/stealing/cutting pages from a book will result in disciplinary action.
  5. Users are liable for any damage or loss of books issued by them.
  6. No book shall be returned on the day of issue.
  7. Users should not carry book(s) that are not issued to them while leaving the library, failing which disciplinary action will be taken.
  8. Users are requested to check their email for the status of outstanding books against their name.
  9. When there is demand for a borrowed book, the same must be return within seven days from the date of issue.
  10. An outgoing member should return the Library Identity Card.
  11. Clearance Certificate: No dues/clearance certificate is issued provided all outstanding dues in respect of borrowed books and delay fines, if any, are cleared.


Sl.No. Section Location
a) Acquisition Section Hall No.1
b) Technical Processing Section Hall No.1
c) Circulation Section Hall No.1
d) Reserve Section Hall No.1
e) Reference Section including Gallery books Hall No.1
f) Text Book Section Hall No.1
g) Book stack areas Hall No. 2

Library Timings

The Library is kept open on all the week days, except the Institute holidays.
The opening hours are as follows Tuesday to Saturday 9.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.
Timings of Circulation Counter.Tuesday to Saturday 9.00 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. 2.00 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.
Other Services:
Membership-10.30a.m. to 12.15p.m.
Fine Collection, Clearance Certificate, Replacement of Lost Book -2.30 p.m. to 5.15 p.m.
Distribution of Library Membership Identity Card,Duplicate Library Membership Identity Card- 4.30 p.m.-5.30 pm.

Collection and Resources:

The Library is having a collection of more than 95232 books, covering 4127 tiles on it, subscribing to 52 print National and International journals, and providing access online full-text IEEE journals to its users approx 3000.


The Library uses Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system to classify its documents. DDC groups the Universe of Knowledge into ten broad Subjects: Generalities, Philosophy, Religion, Social Science, Languages, Pure Science, Technology, Fine Arts, Literature, and History & Geography. Each subject is assigned a classification number to classify a book. Books are arranged on the racks in the ascending order of classification numbers.

Location of Books by Subject

Textbooks , Reserve books and Reference books, exclusively earmarked , are kept in the Stack area of the Main Building. General Books are kept in the stack area of the Main Building as detailed below:

Location of Books by Classification Number

Books are kept on the racks in the ascending order of the Classification Numbers assigned to them. They are kept in the various racks in the stack area of the Main Building.:

Reserve Section

These Books are kept in locked almirahs. They can be lent out for reading in the basement only, on depositing Library Identity Cards with the person in the Section. Copies of the past Semester Examination papers of B.Tech/ M.Tech. Courses in bound forms are also kept in this section.

Reference Books Collection

Reference books consist of Bibliographies, biographies Dic?tionaries, Directories, Encyclopedias, Geographical Reference Tools, Guide books, Hand books, and Year books. These books are not to be issued out at any circumstances. Academic calendars/prospectuses/annual reports, and newsletters/bulletins of different academic and R&D institutions, industries, publications of government de?partments and voluntary organizations, periodicals received on gratis, books written by our faculty members are kept under reference collection.

Circulation Services

  1. Membership Registration
  2. Checkout, Check-in, Renewal of books
  3. Library fine collection
  4. Overdue alert service
  5. Reservation alert service
  6. Issue of no dues / clearance certificate
  7. Lost book recovery
  8. Issue of Duplicate Library Membership Identity Card
  9. Help desk

Library Membership is open to

  1. Employees of NSEC Garia
  2. Students of NSEC Garia

Membership Registration

Employees and Students of NSEC Garia
New user has to collect the membership form available at Library/Security Counter and submit it along with a stamp size photograph, duly forwarded by HODs

Borrowing Library Documents

Only Registered Members can borrow General and TBL books, except books marked for 'Reserve' and 'Reference' for stipulated periods as mentioned below. Needless to say, the Central Library NSEC introduces the OPEN ACESS SYSTEM in the library first time towards transaction of any document.

Renewal of books

For renewal, a user has to bring books to the Circulation Counter. If a borrowed book is not on demand, then a user (except faculty) may renew the book for consecutively two times only. The Library has the right to recall a book if the same is required by another user.

Overdue charges & Fines for Lost cards/ Books

A borrowed book should be returned within the due date; otherwise one rupee per day per book will be collected form the user as overdue charge. All the overdue charges must be paid by the end of an academic session; otherwise issue facility may be withdrawn.

In lost case, a duplicate library identity card may be issued on the basis of application supported with an FIR lodged in Local Police station along with the receipt of Rs. 50/- deposited at the Library.

If an user loses a library book, then he/she has to make an application immediately to the Librarian to get relief from paying the delay fine from the date of application and to take the following actions whichever is permissible as per Library rules:

a) Replace the lost book by a new book as per the library regulation; or
b) Pay the current price of the lost book; or
c) Pay Rs. 300/- if the cost of the lost book is less than Rs. 300/
d) No dues/ Clearance Certificate:
No dues / Clearance Certificate is issued provided all the outstanding dues in respect of borrowed book(s) and delay fine, if any, are cleared. Library Identity Card must be submitted along with prescribed Institute No-Dues application . Staff members and Faculty members are also supposed to return Library Identity Cards before issuance of No-Dues Certificates.

Other rules related to the borrowing of books

  1. Users must check the Accession Number(s) of the book(s) Issued by them with the printed borrower's slip(s) before leaving the Circulation counters to avoid confusion In future. Any discrepancy will not be considered afterwards.
  2. Library Membership Identity Cards and borrowed books are not transferable and hence should not be lent to others.
  3. Users are liable for the damage and loss of books, if any
  4. If the damaged book belongs to a set, then the user is responsible for the entire set.
  5. Users should check the physical condition of a book while borrowing the same.
  6. During power/system failures, the circulation counter services will be suspended.
  7. Immediately after the issue of a book, the user is required to take out the same form the library.
  8. No book shall be returned on the day of issue.
  9. While going out of the Library, users should ensure that they do not carry book(s) that are duly not issued on their name(s), failing which disciplinary action will be taken against them.
  10. Every user is requested to check the status of book(s) outstanding against his/her name soon after a transaction is over at the counter. Discrepancy. if any. should be brought to the notice of the counter person immediately. Any complaint thereafter is not likely to be entertained.
  11. When there is demand for a borrowed book, the same must be returned within seven days form the date of issue of book otherwise recall notice will be issued from library.
  12. All outstanding dues in form of delay fine or lost book must be cleared within the current academic year failing which membership will be treated as delinquency.

Termination of Membership

  1. An outgoing member should return the Library Identity Card and should also return all the documents outstanding against his/her name, along with the delay fine, if any.
  2. If any member is found misusing / mutilating / stealing/ cutting pages from a book, disciplinary action will be initiated against him/her, besides withdrawing the library facilities.
  3. Improper use of library facilities by a member will lead to the suspension or termination of his/her membership.

Periodicals: Current Periodicals

Presently the Library subscribes to 36 National and 16 International print journals. The current issues of these periodicals are kept in the Reading Room adjacent to the Library. The issues of the periodicals are not issued out. Users are urged to read them inside the Room. They can, however, take them out the Room for taking photocopy of the articles of their interest.

Indian News Paper Corner

The Library has opened an Indian Magazines Corner which is located in the Library Reading Room. Popular Indian weeklies and monthlies are displayed here. These are not lent out.

Photocopying Service

Institute photocopy service provides the photocopying service in the ground floor of the Annex Building. For Institute users, the photocopying charge is 0.60 paisa per exposure and for outside users, the photocopying charge is RS.2/- per exposure. Photocopying of the entire book/journal is not permitted. Users are responsible for complying with the Copyright Act.

Property Counter

The Property Counter is located near the Library Gate.


The checkpoint at the entrance to the Library is usually manned by two persons from Institute Security Section and / or Library. Visitors and Library users are requested to declare their belongings whenever they pass by the checkpoint.

Suggestion Box

A suggestion box is placed near the Circulation Counters. Users are requested to drop their suggestions in the Box. The Library Management attaches great significance to these suggestions for providing improved Library services.


To ensure proper surveillance of various potential locations of this large library, we have recently installed CCTV camera heads and also at specific terminals located at security check point and Property Counter

Digital Library

The Digital library is housed in the reading room attached to the Central Library. The Digital Library collections consists of on-line electronic databases, CD-Rom databases and other

Institutional Repository

Now Central Library collects and preserves the research output (Ph.D thesis) of Faculty members of the institute, faculty publications in the Gallery installed newly attached to library foyer.

Appeal to the Users

  1. Do not hide, mishandle or upset the arrangement of books/Journals. Such practices create problems for other readers. It is not easy for the Library staff to trace misplaced books or journals.
  2. Please do not replace a book on shelves; we will do it for you. Remember, a misplaced book is equivalent to a lost one. Think how disappointed you will be when you fail to locate a book on the designated place.
  3. Do not tear off pages from books or journals. Do not deprive other readers of a benefit you are keen on getting. The copy of the book or journal you are mutilating may be the only copy available in the whole of this region or in the whole country.
  4. At the end of the day, please leave the Library to facilitate the staff to close the Library on time.
  5. While entering the Library, please keep your personal belongings in the property counter. While checking out, please declare to the checkpoint staff the items that you are carrying.
  6. Let us understand that a haphazardly used library is a chaotic library, which is of very little use to a user. Let us remember that disciplined use adds to a library's overall serviceability.
  7. The Library is your own property; help us to maintain it well.
  8. If you face any difficulty please do not hesitate to contact the Library staff.

Our Patrons

  • Dr. H. Mandal (Director, NSEC)--> Advisor
  • Dr. Amal. K . Ghosh (Principal, NSEC)--> Resource Person
  • Dr. S. K. Bhattacharya (Dean, NSEC)--> Co-Advisor
  • Dr. M. Goswami (HOD, MCA)--> Chairperson, Library Committee
  • Dr. S. N. Bhaduri (Emeritus Fellow)

Library Staff Member

  • Mr. D. N. Mandal B.A (Hons),B.Ed., M.L.I.Sc, L.L.B (Pre ). ( Librarian)
  • Mr. Subrata Ghosh B.A, M.L.I.Sc (Assistant Librarian)
  • Mrs. Subhra Basu Ghosh B.Com (Hons), M.L.I.Sc (Assistant Librarian)
  • Mr. Shyamal Das Gupta S.F , LTC (Library Assistant)
  • Mr. Barun Mondal B.A (Library Assistant)
  • Mr. Swapan Bayen VIII Passed ( Library Assistant)
  • Mr. Janardan Das (Madhymik Library Assistant)
  • Mr. Anjan Dutta B.A, M.L.I.Sc. (Library Assistant)
  • Mr. Shankar De B.Sc (Library Assistant)

Contact Address

Mr. Subrata Mandal
Central Library
Netaji Subhash Engineering College Garia
Techno city, Garia
Tel: (033)2436-1285/3333/4926
FAX: 2436-1286