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  • CSE Project Lab

    AI Lab (CS 793C)
  • CSE Research Lab

    Competency in-
    1. Bioinformatics-Computational Biology, Systems Biology, Specially Gene Selection, Protein-Protein interaction pathway analysis etc.

    2. Soft Computing-Foundation of Algorithms in the domain of Artificial Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Genetic algorithms and their applications in the multidiscipline area.

    3. Cryptography-Research in Network Security, MD5, SSH, Digital Signature, Cipher text etc.

    200 International Publications

    7 PhDs

    Collaboration with ISI, IIT, University of Calcutta.

  • DBMS Lab

    DBMS Lab (CS 691)

    DBMS Lab (EE 694C)

    Computer Architecture Lab (CS 493)

    Software Tools Lab (CS 492)

    DBMS Lab (IT 691)

  • Microprocessor Lab

    Microprocessor Lab (BME 694A)
  • Network Lab

    Ecomm Lab (IT 793A)

    Multimedia Lab (IT 792)

    DSA Lab (CS 392)

  • Object Technology Lab

    OOP Lab (CS 594D)
  • OS and System Programming Lab

    Network Lab (CS692)

    Operating System Lab (CS693)

    Internet Technology (IT701)

  • Programming Lab I

    Computer Programming Lab (CS 291)

    Numerical Lab (M(CS) 401)

  • Programming Lab II

    Data Structure Lab (CS 392)