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  • MCA LAB1
  • MCA LAB2
  • MCA LAB1

    This laboratory is equipped with following software Turbo C++, Visual Studio, MS office package, and helps students to perform their laboratory experiments.

    Data Structure:
        Application of Stack and Queue
        Linked list representation
        Graph and tree representation
        File related application

    Object Oriented Programming with C++:
        Building objects with classes, Defining operations on objects, Using Inheritance in C++,
        Virtual functions and Polymorphism
        Overview of Template (Class & Functions)
        Exception Handling

    Visual Basic:
        Creating standard exe file.
        Basic event based programming on controls.
        Multiple forms within a project.
        Using data control for database oriented application (Back end Ms-Access).

    Programming Lab
        Solving various mathematicall and logic based real world problems by writing program in C language using loop, function, array, pointer, structure and file.

  • MCA LAB2

    This laboratory is equipped with following software Red hat 6, ORACLE 9, MS Project, Tally 9, and helps students to perform their laboratory experiments.

        General Purpose Utilities and File system related command.
        Shell commands & simple programming. (Bourne Shell)
        Simple filters, grep, sed, awk.
        Process related command

        Basic SQL Command for data definition and data manipulation
        PL/SQL related application (CURSOR, TRIGGER, FUNCTION, and PROCEDURE)
        Exception Handling

    MSProject:     Understand and control project schedules and finances.
        Scheduling Project activities
        Different type chart Gantt chart, PERT Chart, CPM,

        An Introduction to Accounting and Tally
        Tally Accounting , Inventory , Vouchers
        Advance Accounting and Inventory

    Graphics Lab
        Developing Web Pages using HTML, DHTML, Java Script.
        Computer Graphics application using C Language

    Neumerical Lab
        Solving Neumerical and Statistical problem by writing the program in C language.


    This lab furnished with latest software (.NET, JAVA) and hardware. Final Year students used this laboratory for their Minor and Major Project activities. This lab also used for all academic training, workshop programme.