Faculty List of BME Dept - NSEC

Faculty Members of Biomedical Engineering Department
Dr. Samir Kumar Ghosh
Assistant Professor  & HOD
Research Area:
Implementation of Design of Experiment (DOE) technique for optimization of process parameters for biomaterials processing and fabrication
Experience: 18 years
Research Area:
Biomaterials & Biomechanics
Tribology of Artificial Joints
Tissue Engineering
Biomedical Instrumentation
Experience: 29 years
Dr. Sujan Krishna Samanta
Assistant Professor
Research Area:
Biomaterials ,Tissue Engineering, Bone healing
Experience: 14 years
Mr. Tarak Das
Assistant Professor
Research Area:
*Real time Biomedical Signal Processing and Soft Computing (Data acquisition and analysis)
*Development of new Biomedical Systems for IPR
*IOT Application in Real time Bio-medical signals
*IOT Based New Biomedical System Development using Bio-Signals
*Development of Portable Biomedical Devices for mobile and P.C interfacing
*Biomaterials (Bioactive-Glass & Hydroxyapatite Synthesis and Coating ; Layered Double Hydroxide in nano drug delivery system)
Experience: 17 years
Mr. Anupam Maiti
Assistant Professor
Research Area:
Signal Processing, Image Processing
Experience: 13 years
Ms. Sumana Chatterjee
Assistant Professor
Research Area:
Signal Processing; Medical Image Processing
Experience: 11 years