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Professor (Dr.) Sukumar Roy
Professor (Dr.) Sukumar Roy

Professor & HOD
Bio Medical Engineering
Netaji Subhash Engineering College

Ph.D. (Jadavpur University)

M.Tech (Jadavpur University)
B.Tech (Jadavpur University
Professor Sukumar Roy joined the NSEC in 2004

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Contact Addresses
ResidencePurbapar, Laskarpur, Kolkata-700 153
Phone (office)+91 - 33 -24361285
Phone (residence)+91 - 9433408287

Research Areas
  • Biomaterials

Courses Undertaken
  • Analytical & Diagnostic Equipments
  • Medical Imaging Techniques
  • Advanced Medical Imaging Techniques
  • Artificial Organs & Rehabilitation Engineering
  • Engineering Physiology, Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering

Current Sponsored Projects
  • Project Title : Development of Artificial Bone Graft Materials from Eggshell Waste for Orthopaedic and Dental Applications.
    Principal Investigator : Dr. Sukumar Roy
    Sponsor : DST (Department of Science and Technology), Govt. of West Bengal

Publications: (a) Journals
  1. T.Das, S.Chatterjee, S.K.Ghosh & S.Roy, ?A Novel algorithm for detection of P-Peak in the ECG signal with noisy environment?, J. National Society for Technical Education, ISSN 0971-3034, Vol.34, No.2, p63-66, April-June 2011.
  2. Biswas, D. Lenka,P.K. Roy,S & Kumar,R. ?Study on gait efficiency and energy cost of below knee amputees after therapeutic practices? On Online Journal of Health and Allied Sciences ISSN 0972-5997 Vol 10, Issue 1: Jan-Mar 2011. [http://www.ojhas.org/issue37/2011-1-14.htm]
  3. Biswas, D. Roy,S Lenka,P.K. & Kumar,R. ?Energy cost and gait efficiency of below-knee amputee and normal subject with similar physical parameters & quality of life: A comparative case study?. On Online Journal of Health and Allied Sciences ISSN 0972-5997 Vol 9, Issue 3: July-Sep 2010.
  4. Roy, S. & Pal, S. Fatigue & stress relaxation of alumina reinforced UHMWPE composites as biomaterials. Indian Journal of Biomechanics, Vol. 1, ISSN 0974-0783, p47-51, 2007.
  5. Roy, S and Pal, S (2002). Characterisation of silane coated hollow sphere alumina-reinforced ultra high molecular weight polyethylene composite as a possible bone substitute material. Bull. Mater. Sci., Vol. 25, No.7, Dec. pp. 609-612, @Indian Academy of Science.
(b) Articles in Books:
  1. Low cost heart rate monitor. Medical Diagnostic Technique & Procedure, Narosa publishing house, India, 2000, p 425-430.
  2. MRI-A breakthrough in medical imaging? is published in ?Biomedical Engineering & Assistive Devices? Gopal publishing group, New Delhi,2014, P-61-83.
(c) e-Journal:
  1. Roy, S. Evaluation of four point static bending strength of composite bone plates, TIG Research Journal, Vol.1 No.2, p74-77, 2008.

More... Research Guidance:
  • Mr. Durbadal Biswas (JRF) at National Institute of Orthopedically Handicapped (NIOH) on ?Stress Analysis for Prosthetic Aids & Appliances?
  • Mr. Abokash Guria (JRF) at NIOH (ongoing) on ?Design a system for testing and training the residual muscle of an upper limb amputee?.
Thesis Guidance:: Co- Guide
  • Studies of fluoride contamination of human bone and its characteristics ? Masters? thesis of Biomedical Engineering (2001) of Mr. Debabrata Ghosh.
  • Bone Image processing and disease diagnosis ? Masters? thesis of Biomedical Engineering (2011) of Anupam Maiti.
  • Development and characterization of doped and undoped biphasic calcium phosphate - Masters? thesis of Biomedical Engineering (2012) of Ms. Somali Mandal.
Professional Qualification:
  • A certificate course on ?ISO-9000 and Total Quality Management? from JU, 1994.

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