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Professor (Dr.) Tapan Kumar Maiti
Professor (Dr.) Tapan Kumar Maiti

Electrical Engineering
Netaji Subhash Engineering College

Ph.D (Jadavpur University, Kolkata)

Professor (Dr.) Tapan Kumar Maiti joined the NSEC in 2010

Contact Addresses
ResidenceFlat No. 3A, 3rd Floor, 12, West Road, Santoshpur, Kolkata - 700 075
Phone (office)+91 - 33 -24361285
Phone (Mobile) 

Research Areas
  • Electronic measurements and Instrumentation, Signal Conditioning, sensors and its application and spintronics

Courses Undertaken
  • Transducers and Sensors
  • Analog Electronic Circuits
  • Process Control
  • Control System

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PatentsName of Inventor: Tapan Kumar Maiti
Title of Invention: An improved lead-wire resistance compensation method using two-wire Resistance Temperature Detector Patent No.: 235 386

  • Reviewer: IEEE Sensors Journal, Journal of Measurement (Elsevier group)

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