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Sumitesh Majumder
Assistant Professor & Department In-charge
Area of Work: Signal processing application in sensors
Ph. +91-9433762484/7685879576
Email: sumitesh.majumder@gmail.com
Amal K Ghosh
Area of Work: Multivalued Logic(MVL) and Systems, Cellular Automata(CA) & Fractals, Instrumentation & Measurement, Quality Control(QC) & Quality Assurance(QA)
Ph. +91 - 94333 42760
Email: ghoshamalk@gmail.com
Animesh Bhattacharya
Assistant Professor
Area of Work: Application of Multivalued Logic (MVL) in Engineering
Ph. +91 - 9062833515/9681574742
Email: animeshb_17@yahoo.com
Anuradha Saha
Assistant Professor
Area of Work: EEG Analysis to Decode Perceptual Ability of Human Subjects, Human-Robot Interaction Using Brain-Rhythms and Soft Computing Techniques
Ph. +91 - 98 - 31022387, +91 - 89 - 81585853
Email: anuradha.nsec@gmail.com
Aritra Dasgupta
Assistant Professor
Area of Work: Power Quality and Transmission Line Fault Diagnosis using soft computing techniques. Application of Bio-Medical signal topology in Power System Fault. Diagnosis
Ph. +91 - 9874815359
Email: aritradgupta@yahoo.co.in
Manideepa Pal
Assistant Professor
Area of Work:
Ph. +91 - 9434527274
Email: manideepa.dey@gmail.com
Priyadarshiny Dhar
Assistant Professor
Area of Work: Investigation on Biomedical Signal using soft computing techniques
Ph. +91 - 33 -24361285
Email: priyadarshiny_das@yahoo.co.in
Swatilekha Sarkar
Assistant Professor
Area of Work:
Ph. +91 - 33 -24361285
Email: swatilekhas@rediffmail.com
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